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Eyelash Shampoo - gentle foam formula to clean your eyelashes and lash extensions. Our shampoo helps get rid of makeup, dirt & debris, and protect against bacteria on the lashes.


Lash Care kit includes 30mL shampoo, lash cleaner brush, and spoolie.


Cleaning your lashes is essential to long lasting lashes!

Lash Care Kit

    1. Remove access glue from lash bands with tweezers
    2. Apply 1 pump of your lash shampoo to your lashes
    3. Use your lash brush to clean your lashes in a circlular motion removing makeup and glue
    4. Apply water to your lash brush to remove excess soap from your lashes
    5. Use a cotton pad or gentle cloth to blot dry your lashes
    6. Use your spoolie to brush your lashes and comb the hairs
    7. Put your lashes back in the box to dry and regain its shape

    Please remember your lash box is the expensive home to your lashes. Place your lashes in the box and keep closed to avoid dirt, debris, and bacteria growth.